Art Enrichment

“I encourage everyone to select their favorite Biblical passage, take out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil or crayon, and write it out by hand.  You will be amazed at how meaningful it will become for you.”

Donald Jackson

Holy Spirit Catholic Regional School, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dear Tim,

I am the teacher who came to your workshop at the National Catholic Library Association meeting in Atlanta with student samples of illuminated manuscripts. First of all, I simply must tell you how awesome it was to hear about the development of the Saint John’s Bible. There were three teachers from our school at the workshop and we haven’t stopped talking about it; it was, in fact, the subject of our last faculty meeting! My own copy of Gospels and Acts came just yesterday …it is just beautiful.

I had the computer teacher at our school digitize my students’ manuscripts. They are in a “zip” file. Please let me know if there are any difficulties. I asked the students to add any notes to their manuscripts if they had included any symbolism in their work. I hope maybe you will want to use these on the web site.

As part of our 8th grade study of Church history, we discussed the contribution of Benedictine monks to the spread of Christianity. We discussed what it meant to illuminate a verse and looked at examples of illuminated medieval manuscripts. Finally we talked about Donald Jackson’s work in illuminating a Bible for our time. Students were asked to select a favorite Bible verse or prayer to illuminate on their own. I was especially impressed by the comments some of the students were able to make about their work.

I want to thank St. John’s for putting so much material on line thus providing me with a rich source of information to share with students. We have all grown in our understanding of and appreciation for the Word of God.

Please let me know if you receive this file without difficulty. And I plan to travel to Mobile in 2007 to see the Bible in person. Perhaps our paths will cross again. Keep up the great work!


Mary Burke
Middle School Coordinator
Holy Spirit Catholic Regional School
Tuscaloosa, Alabama