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The Saint John's Bible December 2010 • Vol. 2, Issue 12
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Christmas greetings from Collegeville!

Winter has descended on us full-force this month and it truly looks like we'll have an old-fashioned Christmas at Saint John's this year.

Fr. Bob Koopmann, OSB.

For me, the holiday season and the end of a calendar year provides a time of reflection about my life and my role in the world. As you may know, I am a musician—a concert pianist, a church organist, and a professor of piano for the past 36 years.

All of you, I suspect, listen to music in some form. When we listen to or perform a good piece of music, we are changed by the experience. We have new insights into our lives and the world.

Many experiences yield a deeper awareness of reality - a deeper awareness of life - when we truly notice them. When we pay attention to good music or art, human relationships or nature, inspiring books or theatre, we are changed. We become more aware of our spiritual selves and of our deep connection with our universe.

Donald Jackson leads an impromptu lesson in calligraphy during a recent visit with various Saint John's University friends. Left to right: Michael Bush, Dan Whalen, Rob Culligan, Donald Jackson (standing) and Fr. Bob Koopmann.

Several months ago, I visited Donald and Mabel Jackson at the Scriptorium in Wales. Witnessing – in person- the artistry of Donald and his staff as they wrote the words of scripture with their quills, and created the illuminations that give those words new meaning, changed me in ways that I am still trying to fully comprehend. I do know that because of the scribes’ magnificent artistry, each of us will experience the scriptures anew as we read from The Saint John's Bible.

We are now in the season of Advent which prepares us to experience the presence of Jesus Christ in a new and fresh way, and to celebrate Christmas with new insights of the Divine Presence in our lives and in our world. Reading and praying with The Saint John's Bible can give us new hope for the power of peace. May you experience that power in your lives this holiday season and in the year ahead.

May you and your family enjoy a peace-filled Christmas and a joyous new year!

Fr. Bob Koopmann, OSB

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