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Project Update

Donald Jackson
Donald and Aidan Hart at work together in the studio on their collaborative illuminations for Historical Books.
Photo credit: Sarah Harris
Under the artistic direction of Donald Jackson, the team of artists and scribes in Wales and the United States, continue to make progress on the completion of The Saint John's Bible. As followers of the project know, five of the seven volumes have been safely delivered to the monastery in Minnesota, and this summer, Saint John's is due to receive its sixth volume, Historical Books. Donald and his team are focusing their time and creative energies on the completion of the remaining artworks in this volume.

Donald Jackson and representatives from Saint John’s University have been working together to finalize the project end date.  After adjusting for changes in project scope, the events of daily life, and simply the need for a little break in the work, the completion date for the delivery of the final volume, Letters and Revelation, has now been set for the end of 2010. The scribes have already completed the script for the Letters portion of this seventh volume, and Donald Jackson intends to write the remaining pages from Revelation himself as a way of closing the project. This seventh volume will surely be the most anticipated book of the entire work; watch for updates on its progress in future editions of The Saint John's Bible eNewsletter.

Interesting facts:

  • There are 306 decorative capital letters in Historical Books. It is estimated that Donald Jackson will need five days to create these uniquely different letters.
  • Historical Books features 16 book headings and five decorative carpet pages with each requiring approximately 2.5 days to complete.
  • Revelation has 492 lines of text, which remain to be written by Donald Jackson.

Last Chance to See
Illuminating the Word

To the Ends of the WorldThe Saint John's Bible began its national and international exhibition tour in April 2005 with the opening of Illuminating the Word at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Since its debut, the pages in this exhibit have been viewed by over a million people. The exhibit is now at its final installation in at the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, Alabama. Plan on visiting the exhibition if you happen to be in the Mobile area between now and April 12, 2009; this may be the final opportunity to view almost 100 pages of The Saint John’s Bible in one exhibition. See this newsletter for a listing of other scheduled events, some of which may be in your area.

© Copyright 2002. Detail, To the Ends of the Earth from The Saint John's Bible. Illumination by Donald Jackson with contributions by Andrew Jamieson.

  See the Bible


Mobile Museum of Art
Through April 10, 2009
Mobile, Alabama

Walters Art Museum
Through May 24, 2009
Baltimore, Maryland

Print Exhibits

March 12 - April 16, 2009
Dunham Bible Museum
Houston Baptist University

Houston, Texas

March 20 - May 12, 2009
Diocesan School of Biblical Studies
Roncalli Newman Parish

La Crosse, Wisconsin
(Exhibition moves between several locations.)

March 20 - April 15, 2009
Myers Park United Methodist Church
Charlotte, North Carolina

May 3 - June 22, 2009
First Congregational Church
Crystal Lake, Illinois

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