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In the June enewsletter, Tim Ternes "unpacked" the illumination Joshua Anthology for readers, providing greater insight into this new illumination from Historical Books. Now it is your turn. Over the next month, we are asking our readers to send in an exploration of an illumination from The Saint John's Bible. Do you have a beloved illumination and need an excuse to explore it more deeply? Have you studied The Saint John's Bible in your Faith Formation group and have some notes you would like to share? Have the beautifully written words or an image from The Saint John's Bible inspired the poet in you? These are just a few of the many reasons to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and send us your inspirations. Please keep your submission to 800 words (approx. two paragraphs), clearly reference the illumination and include contact information should we need to reach you. We will review all the submissions and starting in November, we will publish a few in this enewsletter throughout the year. All published entries will receive a complimentary set of The Saint John's Bible note cards. Please send your submissions to before August 15th to be considered.

Michael Freeman,  Michael Freeman Photography, London, England.

• • •
The Hand of God is a writer’s hand,
graceful in repose, nimble in action,
transposing thought into graphic symbols,
fixing on the receptive surface
words of unimaginable power and glory,
of love beyond telling,
of destiny beyond the heavens
yet nearer than light to eye, thought to the mind…
The calligrapher does well
what many do heedlessly and hastily,
what machines do mindlessly,
and by cultivating the art of writing
reminds us all of the pure joy
of a creation good in all its designs
and superlatively good
in the endowments of the human mind.
For beauty bears witness to joy—
joy in making, joy in being…

-Fr. Hilary Thimmesh, OSB
1981, The Calligraphy Connection

The Saint John's Bible and The Hubble Space Telescope

NASA pins, posters, and patches.

Did you know that numerous illuminations in The Saint John's Bible are based on images from The Hubble Space Telescope? Donald Jackson has long been inspired by photos of our cosmos that have come from the work on the telescope. When you consider that The Saint John's Bible was commissioned as a way for us to celebrate and to mirror the world we live in today, it is only natural that space exploration and its impact on the world be included in its illuminations.

Recently, a woman stopped into the Liturgical Press showroom to have a look around. Our staff explained a few of the illuminations but the one that really interested her was To the Ends of the Earth (pictured below). Her interest was piqued when she was told that images from the Hubble were included in the piece. She explained that she lives in Houston, Texas and knows many of the astronauts, including ones that work on the Hubble. She is a teacher and has many of the astronauts’ children in her class. So, the staff plied her with posters and other information on The Saint John's Bible to take back to the astronauts. She, in turn, promised to send materials back.

And, so, it was with great pleasure on a summer day in June that Pat Kampa, Liturgical Press Customer Service Representative, opened a package filled with pins, posters, and patches—many of which can only be gotten if you know an astronaut personally. Here is a brief excerpt from the enclosed card explaining the signature on the poster: "Dr. John Grunsfeld is the lead Hubble Telescope astronaut and has been on 5 Space Shuttle missions. Several of those missions were to repair the Hubble Telescope (most recently on STS 125 in May 2009). I explained The Saint John's Bible to Astronaut John Grunsfeld and he signed the poster for Saint John's. He also had the crew sign a Hubble Telescope mission poster." She concludes, "Enjoy the gifts and display as you wish…Saint John's is a special place for my boys! God Bless, The Larsen Family, David, Jan, Eric & Christopher."

Thank you Larsen Family!  We plan on framing the posters and creating a shadowbox display of the other pieces. Look for it on display at Liturgical Press this summer.

© To the Ends of the Earth, Donald Jackson, 2002 The Saint John’s Bible,
Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota. Used by permission. 
All rights reserved.

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