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The Scribe December 2012 Vol. 1, Issue 9
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Printing of Gospels and Acts Volume Complete
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The Art of The Saint John's Bible - 3 Volume Set

On 24 March 2012, the printing of the Gospels and Acts volume of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition was complete. This volume contains some of the most recognizable and iconic imagery in The Saint John’s Bible and has been eagerly awaited since the printing of the Heritage Edition began.

While getting the color right was not easy, the most difficult part of producing this volume would turn out to be determining the gold and silver treatments the pages would receive. At the Scriptorium in Wales, during December 2011 and January 2012, Donald Jackson and Sarah Harris worked to decide what gold and silver treatments would adorn the pages of the volume. The results of their work is impressive.

Pages in this volume contain three different gold treatments, two different silver treatments, hand-sanding by Sarah, and embossing. Other pages received a new treatment Donald is calling “undulation” which manipulates the paper to stretch it, causing it to behave in much the same way as vellum. This process creates visual interest in a unique way and was under development even in the final days of the printing.

Craig Bruner is the Operations Consultant for the Heritage Edition.


Click here to view photos of the Heritage Edition’s Gospels and Acts volume


A Christmas Greeting from The Saint John’s Bible Team

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Annual Christmas Tree Video

And now, a little scribe humor for you all!

Scribe Humor
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