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Venerable Mayo Clinic to Receive Gift of Heritage Edition
The Saint John’s Bible to be Shared with Patients, Visitors from Around the Globe

When patients and their families come to Mayo Clinic for answers to their health issues and concerns, not only will they find the world’s leading medical experts, these visitors who come from around the globe will now encounter The Saint John’s Bible. Mayo Clinic is the first healing organization in the world to receive the limited, fine art edition of The Saint John’s Bible. Three of the seven Heritage Edition volumes —Wisdom Books, Prophets and Psalms—were part of a presentation and dedication ceremony on April 28.

Steve and Barbara Slaggie, who generously donated the Heritage Edition to Mayo Clinic, helped Saint John’s University present the full-size reproductions all signed by Donald Jackson, the artistic director of The Saint John’s Bible.

“All of us at Saint John’s are thrilled to share messages of hope, hospitality and transformation with patients, families, physicians, and staff at Mayo Clinic through the calligraphy and imagery in The Saint John’s Bible,” said Fr. Robert Koopmann, OSB, president of Saint John’s University. “Through their generous support, the Slaggies have brought together two significant treasures of Minnesota which have both, in their own ways, touched the lives of so many throughout the world.”

When the Slaggies decided to donate The Saint John’s Bible to Mayo Clinic, the generous benefactors made the connection that the Bible could provide comfort to patients, families and staff. Likewise, Mayo Clinic, with one of its hospitals (Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, Minn.) founded by the Sisters of St. Francis, was built on the values of faith and spirituality, which permeate in all of the clinic’s locations today.

“We anticipate that the ecumenical and interfaith aspects of The Saint John’s Bible will touch people universally no matter their beliefs,” said Suzanne Leaf-Brock, spokesperson and director of communications for Mayo Clinic’s Department of Development. “Health care is not purely treating medical conditions. It is about holistic support and help. As a healing organization, we recognize that faith plays a part in many patients’ lives.”

Steve Slaggie, who graduated from Saint John’s University in 1961 and has served on the Saint John’s Board of Regents, is the retired corporate secretary of Fastenal Corporation. Steve and Barbara are also generous benefactors to Mayo Clinic and are included in the Mayo Clinic Hall of Benefactors. The Hall is in the same area where one of the Heritage Edition volumes will be displayed.

“We are very excited about The Saint John’s Bible going to Mayo Clinic,” said Steve Slaggie. “I am so pleased with Mayo's enthusiasm and their plans to prominently display the Bible. Over a million patients/visitors come to Mayo every year, and a large percentage of these will view this exhibit.”

Mayo Clinic is building a display case for the Wisdom Books volume that will be included on Mayo’s art tour, which is held daily for patients and visitors. And because it will be in a permanent location, the volume will attract the attention of hundreds of people who walk the halls and subways of Mayo Clinic daily. The Wisdom Books volume will be displayed in the Hage Atrium in the Siebens Building, which is near the patient cafeteria. According to Leaf-Brock, every week a Mayo employee will receive the honor of turning a page of the Bible “so that people will have the opportunity to see all the beauty and inspiration within this great work of art.”

Plans to display the Prophets volume at Saint Mary’s Hospital historic Francis lobby are underway. The opening of that display will occur during Mayo’s annual Heritage Days celebration in October, a week-long celebration of the clinic’s history and culture. Plans and displays for the remaining volumes are also underway. To learn more, visit Mayo Clinic.