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“My experience with The Saint John’s Bible was love at first sight. It radiates hope and speaks to people of all faith journeys.”

Tita Crilly Diepenbrock,
Donor of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition
to Santa Clara University

Each fall, the campus community of Saint Mary's College in South Bend, Ind., comes together to celebrate the opening of the academic year. This year, the capstone to the celebration was the presentation of the Heritage Edition, which was a gift from Saint Mary's alumna and friend of the college, Judy Rauenhorst Mahoney '74.

The Bible was presented to Saint Mary's College and blessed at the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit on August 25, 2010, at the all-women's Catholic college, which was founded in 1844 and sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

"It is an honor to receive the Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible," said President Carol Ann Mooney of the seven-volume manuscript. "Saint Mary's is proud to be among the few educational, religious, art and cultural centers around the world, including the Vatican, to be presented one of just 299 copies of this fine work."

Saint Mary's College’s Heritage Edition will be on permanent display at the Cushwa- Leighton Library. One volume of the Bible at a time will sit open, under glass, on the top of a cabinet handcrafted by monastic and lay woodworkers at Saint John's Abbey. The other volumes will be housed in individual drawers in the cabinet.

"I was really inspired by The Saint John’s Bible project and, out of love for Saint Mary's, I thought of the college right away and how students could be influenced by it," Mahoney said of her gift. The Bible combines the Minneapolis resident’s love for art and books. "I came to Saint Mary’s to study art but changed my major to humanistic studies where we studied Christian culture and read a lot of books. The essence of Christian culture is the Bible. This is a combination of a good book and an art masterpiece and I hope the college and South Bend communities enjoy the Heritage Edition for years to come."

Saint Mary's College is the second institution in the eastern region of the Midwest and the 15 institution worldwide to receive a copy of the Heritage Edition. To read more, click here.

Saint Mary's College

During the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit attended by St. Mary's College students, faculty and staff, four of the Bible's seven volumes – Pentateuch, Psalms, Prophets and Wisdom Books – were presented and displayed. The college will receive the three subsequent volumes – Gospels and Acts, Historical Books and Letters and Revelation – as they are completed.

Abbot John Klassen, OSB, (left) concelebrated the Mass with Rev. Kenneth M. Molinaro, CSC, (right) and a member of the Saint Mary's College Board of Trustees. Abbot John said: "Saint John's is thrilled that Saint Mary's plans to share these beautiful volumes with students and staff for generations to come."

Saint Mary's College President Carol Ann Mooney with Judy Rauenhorst Mahoney and Anne Mahoney, Saint Mary’s classes of 1974 and 2005 respectively. Judy Rauenhorst Mahoney gifted The Heritage Edition to Saint Mary’s out of her love for the institution and because she believes students will be influenced by it in their studies and time at Saint Mary's.

To showcase the beauty of the Bible’s artwork and calligraphy, a librarian will trade out the volume on display and open it to readings appropriate to the liturgical season. Here a librarian opens the Pentateuch volume for display for the August 25 celebration.

Anne Mahoney '05 reflects on the Pentateuch volume on display.

Saint Mary's College is the first gifting event where four of the seven volumes were presented at one time. On display, in order, Pentateuch, Wisdom, Psalms and Prophets.