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“My experience with The Saint John’s Bible was love at first sight. It radiates hope and speaks to people of all faith journeys.”

Tita Crilly Diepenbrock,
Donor of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition
to Santa Clara University

The Wisdom Books volume was presented to John Carroll University by Target Corporation on April 12, 2008, in honor of retired executive John Pellegrene, former regent of Saint John’s University and alumnus of John Carroll University. The Saint John's Bible serves as an instrument for the university in interfaith dialogue, a centerpiece of liturgies and a luminous icon at the spiritual center of campus life.

John Carroll University

(L to R) Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB; Fr. Robert Niehoff, S.J., president of John Carroll University; John Pellegrene; and Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB, flank the display of the Wisdom Books volume.

Fr. Robert Niehoff, SJ, views pages of the Wisdom Books volume in a handmade Abbey Woodworking deluxe viewing stand and cabinet.

Students view pages of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition on permanent display in the main atrium of the Grasselli Library at John Carroll University.